WELCOME to Pure Living Bakery´s Sweet Dreams Luxury Natural Ice Cream Corner!

We really believe that our ice cream is the best in town! Our ice cream continues to be made in the old-fashioned way-by using the least equipment possible. Unlike industrial produced ice cream, Pure Living Bakery ice cream contains hardly any air to intensify the flavour. In the same way as we make our cakes, our ice creams are made with premium ingredients without artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

All ice creams are vegetarian and we also have a great range of vegan ice cream. We also offer some wonderful waffle creations and have some fab NEW DELIGHTS for the indulgent ice cream lover including-Knickerbocker Glory, the old American classic full of cream, fruit and ice cream; Strawberry Sticky Mess with smashed meringue, ice cream and fresh strawberries and finally Choccy Woccy Heaven with lots of chocolate ice cream, BIO chocolate sauce and brownies.